FIFA Trading Methods Using FUT Coins

FIFA Trading Methods Using FUT Coins

FUT coins or FIFA Ultimate Team Coins are the primary currency used to purchase players from platforms in the transfer market. There are many ways to get these coins. You can buy from a seller or take part in challenges offered at the beginning of a game or every week. Alternatively, some sites provide coins like fifa coins ps4 in large stocks, which you can get for the game. The act of trading is common in these platforms to sell or buy coins, players, and other commodities. We delve into the FIFA trading methods using FUT coins below.

Methods of trading using FUT coins

You can do without trading as a new player but not for long. There comes the point where you need players or packs. FUT coins come in handy to cater to your needs and progress in the game. Here's how you can trade.

1. Investing and holding FIFA trading method

It's a great way to get both packs and players. However, it's mainly used to get packs for the gaming year. During this year, the number of players fluctuates from high to low, affecting their prices. Their prices are usually high when the supply is low and low when they are many. The supply is generally increased when the Team of the Year and Season packs end. At this time, invest in normal cards using your coins and buy gold cards with what remains. Hold the gold for a week or so to get 100% profits. Investing and holding is an easy way to earn coins without putting in too much.

2. Mass listing FIFA trading method

It is the best trading method in the transfer market. Every player has a transfer list that needs an upgrade before joining the market. There are many players of different levels that you can choose from depending on what you want to achieve. Pick a player and buy about 100 cards of them. Remember to factor in your transfer list's size along the way. To make profits from your buy, select the lowest coin bin in the market and put your card up for sale. Sell them at a price of about 30% more for maximum benefits. Keep listing your cards for buyers to notice them hence a higher buying chance.

3. Price fixing FIFA trading method

Also known as price locking, it is a way to get players with hidden demand. Gamers get such players to improve the interaction of the top players. After adding them to your team, you can sell them anytime at any price, hence the words' price fixing'. You get to choose a price that will bring profit in the long run. The downside of this process is that it requires many coins to sustain the operation.

Final words

Trading is a suitable practice for every gamer. You get items that benefit you in the game like players, cards, and packs and make profits too. The profits mean more coins, thus more money to put into the game. The FIFA trading methods mentioned above are affordable and of high value. However, they have varying risk levels you should know about before participating. Research widely to find which one is best for you.