How To Style A 613 Blonde Wig

by Cash

613 hair wigs are the answer for anyone looking to rock a blonde hairdo. Wigs that feature 613 hairs are exceptionally versatile as they are crafted from actual natural human volume. As much as they have a natural texture, it is essential to ensure that your 613 blonde wig looks authentic and compliments your personality. Here are a few tips that will help you style your wig appropriately and enjoy the makeover you have anticipated.

1. Do not over-heat the blonde wig.

Heat is the greatest threat to your 613 blonde wigs. Overheating emanates from excessive styling, especially with curling wands, flat irons, and other heating tools. If you have to style your wig, do it with the lowest heat setting.

2. Layer or trim your wig

Before picking the proper cut or eventual shape of the wig, it is imperative to consider the condition of your face. Rather than having the hair in a similar length, it would be prudent to trim part of it to a shorter distance to create layers. That will give it a unique look. Similarly, you can opt for a bang that will bring on some dimension to your face. The main idea behind trimming or creating a bang is to give the wig a customized finish that will, in the end, come out as natural and authentic on you.

3. Utilize Light Hair Products

Light hair products are ideal for 613 blonde wigs. They include mousse, serums, and hairsprays. On the other hand, heavy styling products like thick hair lotion, hair cream, and heavy gels will weaken the wig. These products have harsh chemicals that are not good for the delicate hair strands on blonde wigs.

4. Try Bleaching the Knots of the Wig

The end goal for any wig wearer is to ensure that it looks as natural as possible. 613 blonde wigs may seem incompatible with some skin tones. Black women, in particular, tend to avoid blonde wigs fearing that the final hairstyle might look wiggy. However, bleaching the knots of the wig can give it a clean finish. In this manner, the wig will blend with your scalp and appear to be growing out of it.

5. Ensure the Wig Features Parting

Most 613 blonde wigs come with a premade part and hair direction feature. Nonetheless, it would help if you learned how to manipulate the part to fit your personality and natural look. Rather than wearing the wig as traditionally, you can try to shift the direction of the part downward, to the middle, or the side. By switching the part section, you will land a different hairstyle. Blonde wigs that do not incorporate parting give a fake or unnatural look.

6. Invest in a wig cap

The main aim of rocking a wig cap is to keep your natural hair volume flat. If your natural hair is flat, you will not have to worry about your wig looking uneven and unauthentic in the long run. Another reason you need a wig cap is to ensure that your blonde wig does not come in direct contact with the oil and sweat on your head. Oil and sweat result in slipping other than giving the wig an unauthentic look. Yet, you will have a smooth layer with a flat surface to hold the wig with the wig cap. Investing in a high-end wig cap will ensure your blonde wig does not look unattractive and lumpy.


Blonde hair can look fabulous on anyone with the correct tips and clever styling. Whether you want to pull off a straight hairdo with little waves or you need to dye your 613 blonde wigs to another color, you now have the necessary tips at your disposal.

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