Which Is Better Between Car Phone stands On Dashboard or Windscreen

Which Is Better Between Car Phone stands On Dashboard or Windscreen

Comparing windshield phone holders to the dashboard option is like comparing a chicken pie and a meat pie together. They are both pies, but one is made of chicken while the other is meat. The dashboard phone holder sits on the dash because it is usually a magnetic phone holder, while the windshield is on the windscreen. That is the main difference between both options. However, there is a vast difference in the diversity of both. However, the advantages you will get between the dashboard and windshield phone holders are all dependent on the type of phone holder you have. It all boils to the brand you choose. We strongly recommend the Ugreen brand for any of the two options. This article will compare the two types of car phone stand windshield and dashboard. Here, we explain the advantages of each of the vehicle mobile holders and their downsides.

What are the phone mounts for the dashboard?

As the name implies, these are the phone stands that sit on the dashboard. The design of these vehicle phone stands will work on any part of the dashboard. But most of the time, car owners decide to put it in the middle of the dashboard to reduce distractions.

Advantages of the dashboard car phone stand

The main advantage of the dashboard car holder is that you can place it anywhere and still have minimal distraction. Even when you put it behind the steering, it does not distract you so much.

What is windshield car mobile stands?

The windshield vehicle mobile mount works like the dashboard, but it hangs on the windshield. It usually comes forward where you can hang the phone. Because of the protrusion of the windshield phone holder, it is not best when to put in front of the driver. It will affect the direct view of the driver, which is dangerous.

Advantages of windshield car phone stands

The main advantage of windshield mobile mounts is the one-handed operation of the phone without distractions because of the protrusion of the phone. Ugreen is, however, one of the few brands that have devised a means to make a windshield car mobile stand without distractions. The small and compact size makes it occupy little space, ensuring the driver's full focus.


The Comparison Between the dashboard phone holder and the windshield phone holder can never end. The reason behind the unending comparison is that both have similar functions but different locations. If you want to see your phone at a distance while it shows you directions or a movie, for instance, the windshield is a better option. But if you want to be active in a meeting while you drive, then maybe you need the dashboard phone stand. With the dashboard phone stand, you have the liberty to put the phone stand right behind your steering since it is the dashboard. The windscreen phone stand, on the other hand, will do well right in front, but it will be more of a distraction than a help to your driving. So you see, it is more about the purpose.